“Food Fight” - A Slot That Pays To Fight

Real Time Gaming, the gaming engine behind countless online casino wonders, strikes up a good old fashioned food fight, with "Food Fight Slots." This title is a 5 reel, animated slot with 9 smashing pay lines. The subject of this game, is all about food, and the symbols reflect the theme.

About Food Fight Symbols

An interesting aspect about "Food Fight" is that there is no wild symbol, it does, however, comes with two scattered symbols. The first scatter symbol is represented by the ice cream icon. The more ice cream cones you land, the greater the winning multiplier. Landing three of this symbol is good for 405 coins. The second scatter symbol is represented by the cream pie. Landing three of this delicious icon will commence the food fight bonus round. In this bonus round, players must choose from a group of people to throw a cream pie. The more correct people you hit, the greater the reward. But pick the right people to cream, for if you miss, the bonus round will end. All in all, players can win up to 3,960 coins in this bonus round.

The other icons in "Food Fight Slots," are tomatoes, cherry pie, pizza, a scoop of ice cream, a plate of spaghetti and a bowl of chocolate pudding. The highest paying symbol is the bowl of chocolate pudding. Landing five on the pay line results in 6,250 coins. The second highest paying symbol is the plate of spaghetti. If you manage to land five on the pay reel, is good for 3,500 coins. The third highest paying slot is the slice of cherry pie. Running the table with five on the reel with this icon, is good for 1,250 coins.

If you're ready to get your hands dirty in a good old fashioned food fight, then all you need is a penny to pick your dish. The maximum bet per spin is $5. "Food Fight" allows players to place bets themselves or have them setup through auto play mode. This slot even has hot buttons where you can instantly wager from a quarter to $100. And while this title does not have free spins, it does come with a progressive jackpot that can be won after any spin. "Food Fights" is available to be played instantly online or for download at several online casinos.