Sweet 16 - An Amusing Yet Very Rewarding Slot

When you hear sweet 16, the special birthday normally comes to mind. But "Sweet 16 Slots," is all about the fruit along with prizes and cash. Developed by Simbat Entertainment, "Sweet 16" is a 4 reel slot with 16 fruity pay lines. The symbols in the game all reflect the fruit theme. The game is designed like a classic 3 reel slot, but in this game, players actually spin two reels. This game even gives you the option to spin the reels by pressing a button, or by pulling the two cranks.

About Sweet 16 Symbols

The symbols in this game include red peppers, green peppers, lemons, limes, kiwi, oranges, colored bars, and the sweet 16 logo. The aim is to land three of a kind on a pay line to score a win. Wins are determined from the left of the reel to the right. The game logo is the highest paying symbol. Landing three of this symbol is good for 200 credits. The bars are the second highest symbol. Three of the colored bars on the pay line is good for 120 credits. Three of the watermelon symbols nets 80 credits, as do both the red and green peppers. The lemons and the oranges pay out 40 credits for landing three of a kind. A unique aspect to this game is that players spin the reels trying to land a higher paying symbol then the one on the bank reel. As soon as you gain 4 credits, you will play another game that is set on its own 4 reels. The numbers of credits wagered will determine the pay lines played. Betting 5 credits will play with 4 pay lines, where 10 credits plays out on 10 pay lines, and if you go for broke by wagering 20 credits, then you will play all 16 pay lines.

Other Aspects

"Sweet 16" lets its players place bets themselves or have them setup in a sequence through auto play mode. There is also an info button provided where with one click, players can instantly bring up all the game rules and winning combinations. There is also a menu button to adjust the game settings. Also conveniently placed on the screen are the instant click buttons to bet 5, 10 and 20 credits respectively. Simbat Entertainment strikes nostalgic gold with "Sweet 16" a classic, fun and rewarding slot title.