Light Speed Slots

While online casinos games continue to improve in scope and visuals, never sell short the power of the classic three reel slot game, and definitely do not underestimate Light Speed Slots, a product of Real Time Gaming.

The Inside Details On Light Speed Slots

As mentioned before, this game is a three reel game with a mighty powerful, pay line. And one pay line is all you need in Light Speed Slots, which embodies a science fiction, alien themed game. All the symbols in the game, help to put you into this out of this world mood. Keep in mind that this a three coin game, so the number of coins you wager in tandem with getting three of a like symbol to land, will determine the coin value you will receive.

The key symbol in Light Speed Slots is the ray gun. This by far is the highest paying symbol in the game. Again based on the number of coins you are wagering with, will determine the value that you will receive. A trio off a single coin wager will result in 100 coins. Three of a two coin bet will be good for 200 coins, and the max three coin bet will reward you with 400 coins for getting three on the pay line. Also to note is the light speed meter. The light speed meter in on both sides of the reel, and will increase every time you hit a light speed icon. Should the meter be full with a max bet and a set of three ray guns, you will then win the progressive jackpot.

The other game icons include circle symbols, UFOs, aliens and stars. The goal is to get three of a like symbol to fall to win. The winning amounts are determined by the number of coins you are wagering with. If you are ready for a science fiction adventure unlike any other, then all it takes is a quarter to get the reels spinning. There are credit buttons available to help you easily wager a single, two coin or max credit bet. The game icons and their values are right in front of you to see at any time.

Real Time Gaming proudly presents Light Speed Slots, an intriguing three reel slot that is widely available at many online casinos to play at your leisure.