Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Ancient Egypt comes alive in Real Time Gaming's classic three reel slot game, Pharaoh's Gold Slots, a truly spectacular and rewarding slot game.

The Layout

There are three pay lines in Pharaoh's Gold Slots. The game play and the icons are in the likeness of Ancient Egypt. The symbols in the game are the Egyptian head, the cobra, the scarab beetles. The wild symbol in the game is the eye of Horus. This icon when it lands will replace the regular symbols in aiding in winning combinations. The more that land, the greater the win will become.

Pharaoh's Gold Slots is a three coin game. So depending on how many coins you wager, and the type of a icon trio that falls, will determine your winning amount. Outside of the wild symbol, the Egyptian masks are the highest paying symbol. With a one to two coin wager, you will receive 50 credits for getting a set of three. A three coin bet with three of the masks, will reward you with 100 coins. The scarab beetles will pay out 25 credits for a set of three, regardless if you are wagering one to three coins.

Three cobras will shell out five coins regardless of the coin bet placed. In fact, you can win by getting two cobras to land. In this case, you will win 2 credits. There are no scatters in the game, so there are no extra winning multipliers, nor any free spins nor any bonus rounds. Again, what you see is what you get with Pharaoh's Gold Slots.

There is no auto play, so you will have to place all your bets manually on each and every spin. There are single, two credits and a max credit button to help you place the bet you want. There is no pay table button to review the game icons, rather the game icon amounts are placed right in front of you. All you need is a nickel to get the reels spinning and to immerse yourself into the virtual experience of Pharaoh's Gold Slots.

Pharaoh's Gold Slots is optimized for desktop and mobile device users to play either online or downloaded to your personal computer of the smart device of your choice. Pharaoh's Gold is a gem of a slot by Real Time Gaming, and it is available at many online casinos.