VIP program

Good things come in 7s! At least they do at Planet 7 casino, one of our favorite new RealTime Gaming (RTG) casinos. They offer the best games, the easiest banking, and the classiest venue of any online casino. And best of all, they offer a tempting multi-level VIP Program that steady players will find irresistible.

Sometimes They Come in 5s

Most of the good things at Planet 7 do, indeed, come in 7s, but their VIP Program is a stellar 5-tiered arrangement, providing the finest levels of service, outstanding bonuses, and the most fun and interesting VIP member promotions anywhere on the internet.

Here are the tiers of the Planet 7 VIP Program:

  1. Level 1: Everybody has to start somewhere, and Level 1 at Planet 7 is an awesome place to start! Here players earn 1 comp point for every $10 wagered, padding out their play funds a bit. In addition they have access to the exclusive VIP member bonuses and promotions. Finally, Level 1 Players get monthly play insurance that pays out at the start of each calendar month.
  2. Level 2: The next rung up the ladder, naturally enough, is Level 2. Here players get a comp point for every $7.50 wagered. Otherwise, they have the same great perks offered to the Level 1 players.
  3. Level 3: At the next level up the VIP Club ladder players all the perks at Levels 1 and 2, but now they get a comp point for every $5 that they play. In addition, they have $10,000 casino balance insurance included and special gifts on your Special Days! Really, who doesn’t like gifts?
  4. Level 4: This level is just like Level 3 with one exception: at this level the Casino Balance Insurance is raised to a generous $25,000!
  5. Level 5: This is the premier level of the VIP Program at Planet 7, and it is obvious that they really take care of their high-rolling clients! At this level, players receive all of the following:
    • 1 comp is earned for every $2 wagered
    • All VIP member bonuses and promotions
    • Monthly Insurance is paid at the start of every month
    • $50,000 Casino Balance Insurance
    • Special Gifts on the players’ Special Days

Play Palace for Every Player

Planet 7 knows that they are the best only because the best players continue to play there. They keep those players coming back by treating them very well, even at the very beginning when they may not roll so high as they will in the future. To that end, their VIP Program is an outstanding expression of appreciation to their most valued asset: the players!

Head over to Planet 7 now and be sure to register for your level of VIP Program access to get those lovely perks!