Orc vs Elf Slots

Real Time Gaming presents the war of all wars, equipped with toughness, integrity might and magic with the smash hit, Orc Versus Elf Slots.

About The Game

Forget about Warcraft, its all all about Orc Versus Elf, a mesmerizing, interactive 3D game that’s rich in crisp visuals and adventure. This game comes in 5 reels with 25 pay lines, where the epic battle takes place partly in the world of the elves and the other part in the dark world of the Orc.

There are multiple wild symbols in this game and they are represented by the Elf and the Orc. The Orc represents the expanding wild and it will fall on reel one, substituting the other icons except for the Elf shield. The Elf is an expanding wild as well, only falling on reel five.

There also multiple scatter symbols, consisting of the Elf shield and the Orc shield. Both scatters are pivotal in landing in the Orc or Elf bonus round, which hinges on which scatter shield lands. The more of that particular scatter that lands, the greater the free spins you will play with.

About The Bonus Rounds

The Orc bonus round comes with 7 distinct trails en route to the Elf fortress. The choice is yours whether or not to venture down these trails which contains its unique prizes, or you can go straight to free spins round. The seven orc trails has the goblin’s gold round that comes with five free spins, and a two times winning multiplier. The hobglobin round, comes with six free spins and the opportunity to gain more free spins by getting two scatter symbols to fall. The rest of the Orc trails features the Orc army feature, the Orc Horde round, the giant spins round, and the chaos spins feature, and the most prominent trail is the Orc onslaught feature that comes with a super spin on the very last free spin as the Orc covers the entire first reel.

And when it comes to the mighty Elf, his trails are the woodland spins bonus which features six free spins, the Elf magic bonus round, the huntsman feature, the ancient archer round, the arch mage bonus round, the forest round, and the most powerful round, belongs to the Elf king, coming with eight free spins with super spins landing wild icons on the fifth reel.

There is also the battle bonus round that is based on a one on one fight between the Orc and the Elf. You choose your fighter from the very beginning of the game. As this epic fight unfolds, the battle bonus symbol can fall on the second, third and fourth reels. The goal is to gain additional victory points to become victorious. Orc Versus Elf lets you place your own bets or have them play out in a sequence through auto play mode.