Double Ya Luck Slots

Luck is defined as success brought on by chance. Lots of people gamble because they hope they will get lucky and be able to follow their heart's desires. People feel that an outcome is bound to happen so they risk to try to achieve it. They can go to a casino to do this. One way is to gamble online. Some gamblers have certain superstitions. They might wear a hat because they feel it will bring them good luck. Others might bring a lucky rabbits foot or some good luck charm with them to boost their luck. The legendary singer Frank Sinatra had a song about Vegas gambling entitled Luck Be A Lady Tonight. Sinatra was also noted for being a high rolling gambler. He even made a movie based around the world of gambling titled Ocean's Eleven.

There is a slot machine all about luck. It is named Double Ya Luck slots.

Spectacular Slot Symbols

This game has 3 reels and 3 pay lines. A win can be achieved with three of a kind symbols lining up on the reels. The symbols include lucky sevens, bells, horseshoes, dollar signs, cherries, diamonds, one bar, two bar and three bar. Gamblers might recognize these as standard slot symbols both from internet and brick and mortar casinos. The simplicity of this slot machine will appeal to people who are new to the world of gambling.

Betting starts at ten cents per line. It goes all the way up to one dollar. A bettor can wager a maximum of three dollars per spin. This will clearly appeal to gamblers on a budget or people who want to stretch their bankroll as opposed to high rollers. A nice feature the game has is that three red dice unlocks the board game feature. This offers an additional chance to win. The appearance of three Double Wild symbols on a pay line can net you up to $1000. A key feature the game has it has a progressive jackpot. This player friendly feature does not require additional wagering. It can be randomly won at any point.

The features and graphics make this slot machine one of the better ones out there today. It is user friendly. The legendary Clint Eastwood played a character called Dirty Harry. His famous line was "Are you feeling Lucky today?". Ask yourself that question and play the slot machine Double Ya Luck. Excitement and fun are in store for you!