Frog Fortunes Slots

You often encounter a slot game about frogs, but it is not every day you meet a slot game developer like Real-Time Gaming, the developer behind Frog Fortunes Slots. Frog Fortunes is a five-reel game with an enveloping 243 pay lines.

Hop Around With The Frog

Instead of a simple game with a frog on a lily pad, Frog Fortunes takes place in the middle of an Amazon jungle. The frog is chilling in the middle of a golden floor, awaiting your spin. Frog Fortunes gives the player the power to handle and place their bets, or they can rely on the autoplay feature to handle all of these details.

Thank goodness for the pay line arrows because handling and gambling on the 243 pay lines can be a chore, but Frog Fortunes simplifies this process. Build your fortune in one fell swoop by gambling on all 243 pay lines, or take a moderate approach by wagering on a smaller number of pay lines. Frog Fortunes permits single pay line wagers. The paytable button reveals all the essential and lucrative game icons where you can brush up on what they represent and their value.

Fortuitous Game Icons

Frog Fortunes offers many different frogs, but there isn’t a wild symbol in the game. The purple faced-frog pays up to 150 credits, while the red-faced frog pays out 80 credits. The green-faced frog shells out 40 credits. The same is true for the bronze-faced frog.

Frog Fortunes Bonus Rounds

Cascade away with the frog. Every time you win, you trigger the cascading feature. New icons land in the place of the previous icons. This cascading process continues as long as you keep winning. Frog Fortunes features a honeycomb-shaped reel system. This aspect is a departure from the typical straight, five-reel game, but it sets the stage for the frog bombs feature. The frog bombs feature explodes at random and can hit in a variety of wins. It typically begins with a countdown, and when it hits zero, the wins start.

Where To Play Frog Fortunes

Frog Fortunes is widely available at online casinos that support Real-Time Gaming. There are many promotions to bolster wins. Frog Fortunes features a generous return to the player, which is typically in ninety-percentile. You can play practice rounds with Frog Fortunes before moving up to the gambling stage. All of Frog Fortunes features are available during practice play, but you won’t win real money.