Twister Wilds Slots

Launched a 2021 and still pleasing fans globally, Twister Wilds Slots is a phenomenal online slots title created by the innovative masters at Realtime Gaming. Offered at many of the big time online casinos such as Vegas Slots Online, Slots Empire, and RTG's own RTG Slots , Twister Wilds Slots has made waves and wind tunnels with its fantastic gameplay and rewards set up. A minimum bet of $1 will get players into the action, and unique to other slots titles, Twister Wilds Slots allows players to incrementally up their bet by half a dollar allowing for a more customized gameplay session each time out. The game doesn't force you to bad astronomical amounts to score solid rewards, and as it is an RTG title, there is a free play demo mode in which players can get in on the action risk free going to spend real money off the bat.

A max bet of $12.50 is allowed on the uniquely built 5x5 reel Twister Wilds Slots offers players. Players can earn serious multipliers when Max betting including five of a kind matches in which the entire board will get scraped up by a Twister and tally of all the multipliers snagged up along the way. Players can also shoot for the minor jackpots in the major jackpots on the over 50 pay lines Twister Wilds Slots also offers. This is a seemingly simplistic game until players unlock the true potential of Twisters Wilds and bonuses which sweep through and provide players every bonus multiplier on the board. Huge rewards are abound and the max bet is feasible even for newer players to get in on some serious action.

With every win both the minor and major jackpots get tallied up in terms of overall reward progress, and players must do their best to match the countless cash sheep, ash cats, cash cows and more to earn the best of Twister Wilds Slots rewards. The 2021 release date was a seemingly good time for this game to come out as it's only garnered steam over these past 2 plus years. This is still a very new release with solid visual animations and a highly engaging game play style. Players of all levels should love the animated feel of the Twister bonuses, the background music, the new age and crispy visuals, along with the seriously rewarding game play with a low entry point in terms of minimum bet.

This is a fantastic slots title and it's available ability on a wide array of online casino platforms makes it easy for even the newest of players to access. RTG has yet again hit a gold mine with its tornado themed online slot, and the action is immediate with players even getting in risk free with the standard demo mode. This is the title well worth checking out, and the minimum starting bet of half a dollar couldn't dissuade even the newest of players from trying it out and trying to win big!