Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

Renown for their blockbuster five reel games, Real Time Gaming still will churn out three reel games that more than holds its own even with the five reel games. And make no mistake about it, Operation M.Y.O.W. Slots more than lives up to the billing.

The Inside Details On The Operation

Operation M.Y.O.W. Slots is a classic three reel slot with only a single pay line, packed with toughness, grit, action and rewards. The theme of this intriguing game, is based around a sensitive operation handled by super tough cats and felines. The symbols in this vintage era slots, moves away from traditional slot games in the sense that the players will choose their own pay table to make your own path to winning, thus the title M.Y.O.W. (Make Your Own Win). In total, there are five different pay tables to select from.

On the first pay table, you have the enemy cat in a cape. He can land in a bunch of three, two or a single one. Depending on the number of coins you are placing you are wagering with, will decide the coin value you will earn. On the second pay table, you have the green, action cat as the main icon. There is also a lotus flower, red drops, Japanese characters, and blank symbols. The green cat pays out the most. It’s coin value are based between 1,600 coins, 3,200 coins and the ultimate 5,000 coins. The third pay table consists of the pink cat with a guitar. This is a unique pay table for it features many different cats, all of whom paying handsomely. The other pay tables are a white cat, along with a gold kicking karate cat.

The goal is to get three of a kind of a symbol to notch a win. You have the choice of picking your own pay table right on the game screen before you spin the reels. There is no auto play, so all bets will have to be placed by the player. There is also no official wild symbol, nor any scatter symbol, therefore there are no bonus rounds, nor any free spins rounds to be played in this game. There is a single, double and max credit button where you can easily play the number of coins you wish to wager each spin. Operation M.Y.O.W. is available at many online casinos.