Lucky Lightning Slots

Lightning strikes more than twice thanks to Real Time Gaming’s classic slot wonder, Lucky Lightning Slots.

The Energy Behind The Lucky Lightning Slots

Lucky Lightning Slots is a classic three reel slot game with a single, but powerful pay line that has all the lightning power you ever need. The game play and the game design plays out much like a traditional slot machine game. All the symbols are in the pattern of the traditional slot game icons. They include cherries, oranges, plums, red sevens, single, double and triple bars plus the blank symbol.

This is a three coin game. This means that based on the number of coins you wager with, will determine the value you receive for getting three of an icon to land on the pay line. The top paying icon is the red seven. A set of three of them on the pay line off a single coin wager is good for 800 coins. A two coin wager with three of them results in 1,600 coins. A three coin wager with a trio of red sevens, brings home the top paying amount of 2,500 credits.

The second ranked symbol is the triple bars. Again based on the number of coins you are wagering with, will determine whether or not you receive, 200, 400 or 600 credits. The oranges ranks as number three, shelling out from 100 to 300 credits for three on the pay line. The banks pay out for getting at least two of them on the pay line. You can even mix match the different bars.

There is no official wild symbol, nor any scatter symbol in the game, so there are no bonus rounds, free spins nor any special winning multipliers. There is no progressive jackpot. The top amount to be won is the 2,500 credits for getting three red sevens on the pay line based on a three coin wager. There is also no auto play mode. You will have to place your bets manually for each spin.

To get Lucky Lightning Slots going, you will need at least a nickel. You can adjust the coin size as well. Lucky Lightning Slots is widely available at many online casinos. You can play it online on your computer or mobile device, or you can elect to download the game on the device of your choice.