High Rollers Slots

Marijuana is a plant that can be used as a medicinal or recreational drug. Some people like to smoke marijuana as a paper cigarette or "joint". Another popular way is to consume it through edibles. The marijuana is baked into something like a brownie for example. Hookah pipes are an alternate way of smoking it. People who use marijuana or weed are often called stoners. Several movies have been made about stoner culture. The first that comes to mind would be Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. It follows two weed dealers from New Jersey as they embark on a journey to Hollywood to stop a movie loosely based on them. Another that comes to mind would be the Friday movies which follow two stoners from Compton as they experience an eventful day. Weed is currently a controversial issue in politics. United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been trying to crack down on states like Colorado or Nevada that sell it in state regulated dispensaries. The states say it is a states' rights issue.

Journey Into The 60s

There is a slot machine based on weed. It is entitled High Rollers. It has 5 pay lines and 3 reels. The theme is hippie weed culture. Hippies were free thinking bohemians in the 1960s. They protested against the Vietnam War and believed in several liberal ideas. A lot of hippies smoked weed. This is why the reel symbols tie into the theme. One is a van. They often drove around in vans that looked like that during that decade. Hippies were known for pioneering tie dye clothing. Thus, a tie dye t-shirt appears in the game as a reel symbol. Another one is a lava lamp. The hippies were known for liking to get stoned and staring at lava lamps. The peace sign is the scatter. This symbol matches any symbol on the reels. This works to your advantage because it opens the possibility of potentially winning combinations being formed.

This game is easy to understand. It is not complicated at all. You don't have to have as much money as Janis Joplin or The Beatles did in the 60s to play. This slot machine caters to all with nice wagering flexibility which is great.

Some of you might be old enough to remember the 60s. Others might love weed. This slot machine will naturally appeal to both. Make a point of remembering to try this great slot out today!