Gem Fruits Slots

Released only a few months back and still making waves in the online casino scene, Gem Fruits Slots is one of Realtime Gaming's newer releases and provides a fresh take on the vintage Vegas slots design. Gem Fruits Slots is available to play at many of the popular online casinos like RTG's own RTG Slots platform, and others like El Royale Casino and Vegas Slots just to name a few. Gem Fruits Slots provide a fantastic experience especially for newer players to the genre as it has a minimum bet of 25 cents some of that of $6.25. There are five Progressive Jackpots ranging from mini to Grand and players can access these extreme rewards by winning as many turns as they can.

The 5x3 real provides a truly vintage Vegas experience with crystallized lemons, cherries, and other vintage slots symbols to create and immersive experience that also provides a throw back to real world casinos still lighting up the Vegas skyline. Players will be able to dabble by mixing and matching on the over 25 pay lines filled with Juicy rewards and multiplier bonuses. The easy going music along with the new age neon visuals provide a truly Next Level and rewarding experience especially for players who appreciate the classic slots feel. Players who do use the max bet functionality will be able to earn by discovering even a single Wild on the board. The Wild logo is easy to see yet a bit harder to match as they are more rare than standard emblems, but are much more lucrative as well.

The standard Royal 10 through Ace variance also exist on the reel's plane and act as a nice throw back to slots of old as well. This style of symbolism allows players who minimum bet to still score Wild bonuses and a wide range of multipliers as well. Gem Fruits Slots caters to players of all levels except for high rollers who may want a bigger max bet per turn than $6.25. Gem Fruits Slots is one of RTG's better entry level titles which works fantastically for the newer and more curious inquisitors who may want to play for real money but aren't quite ready to pull the trigger. This is another reason why RTG is the absolute best at what they do in terms of online casino gaming as they install a free play demo mode into every version of their games including Gem Fruits Slots. This allows players of all levels to understand the mechanics of the game and jump into the action without having to spend a single penny. There is also a cascading reel to the right of the standard 5x3 playable reel in which players can accrue multipliers on the jackpots themselves! Imagine winning 3x a Minor Jackpot labelled at $125 at the time, or even winning one of the Major Jackpots offering anywhere from $500 to $1,500 in real cash at any given time! Gem Fruits and unique bonuses await you!