Fruit Frenzy Slots

Are you getting your fruit as of late? Well, now is the perfect time to go into a "Fruit Frenzy," a colorful, slot game, brought to you by Real Time Gaming, guaranteed to supply all of your virtual vitamin needs, as well as excitement, prizes and cash.

About Fruit Frenzy Slots

"Fruit Frenzy" is a 5 reel, 20 pay line game that is dedicated to all things fruity. The graphics are colorful, vivid and cartoonish, all meant to keep your gaming light and pleasant. The symbols in the game include fruit characters, such as a green, pear ballerina, a top hat banana man, a plum with popcorn, a watermelon cannon, balloons, a fruity car, a ticket and citrus goggles. The wild symbol is represented by the pineapple character, and will sub for all the other symbols except for the two scatter symbols. The pineapple doubles winning combinations.

The two scatter characters are represented by the fruit logo and the frenzy logo. Landing these will cause combinations winnable from either the left or right of the pay line. The more scatters you land, the greater the multiplier for winning combinations will be. What's unique about "Fruit Frenzy" besides its colorful, fruity design, is that the scatters do not trigger the free spins round or bonus round. Instead, it takes landing five of the same symbol on the pay line, to play the Daredevil Feature round. In this exciting bonus round, players aim to shoot down the Daredevil Strawberry. For every successful hit, you are awarded a free game. In the free spins mode, winning combinations are doubled, and combinations with a scatter symbol, are tripled.

As an extra incentive to get your fruit in, "Fruity Frenzy" features a progressive jackpot that can be won after any spin. To get started spinning the reels, all you need is a penny. The maximum bet per pay line is five dollars. The total overall bet per spin is $100. Feel free to place bets manually, or have them set up in a sequence in auto play. There is a help button to remind you of the game rules and winning combinations, as well as a menu button to adjust game settings. "Fruity Frenzy" slots is available at several online casinos. It is also optimized to be played seamlessly online on desktops, or mobile devices, in the palm of your hand. "Fruity Frenzy" can also be downloaded to your device as well.