Diamond Mine Slots

Diamonds are a prized commodity. They are sold by jewelry stores to people that like to wear these beautiful objects. There is a whole industry that deals with the extraction, refinement, marketing, and sales of diamonds. These precious stones are often dug up in mines.

There is a slot machine game. It is titled Diamond Mine Slot. This game has three reels. A slot machine player can bet from five cents to five dollars per spin. There is the option to play up to three lines. The maximum bet one can wager in this game is fifteen dollars a spin.

Vegas Style Slot Action

Diamond Mine Slot is laid out in a classic fashion like you might expect a slot machine to look like in Atlantic City or Las Vegas. The buttons of the machine are bet one, spin reel, and play three credits. There is also a cash out button. Hitting cash out turns your coins into cash on the casino site you are on.

The game does have a progressive jackpot. However, it is only activated when one plays the maximum three lines. Potential winnings can be explained by reading the Pay Table which is near the top of the machine.

This slot machine keeps it simple and offers a fun experience. Check out Diamond Mine today.