Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots

Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots

Real Time Gaming is the gaming platform around Diamond Mine Deluxe, a vintage three reel slot game, where the mines are always full of cash and rewards.

About The Game

Diamond Mine Deluxe is a throwback to the glory days of the vintage 3 reel games that have only one pay line. The game is molded in the form of a vintage slot game that comes with a side crank.

The icons in this game all surround the retro slot games. The symbols featured are red sevens, triple bars, double bars, single bars, double blue bars and cherries. The wild symbol in Diamond Mine Deluxe is represented by the 2x icon. Landing one of the wilds will produce a two times winning multiplier. If you manage to get two or more to fall, then the winning multiplier will quadruple.

Diamond Mine Deluxe provides players the choice of betting with either a single coin, two coins, or the maximum three coins per spin. Based on your coin wager, the winning totals will be determined when you land a set of three of any icon. The wild symbol is the game's highest paying symbol. A trio's worth of these symbol off a single coin, will result in 800 coins. Three based on two coins yields 1,600 coins. And the maximum wager with three coins shells out 3,000 coins.

The red sevens rank second on the paying list. 80 coins will fall your way with a single coin bet. And if you placed your bet with two coins then you will receive 160 coins. 240 coins will find you for a set of three with the maximum three coin bet. It is important to note that the cherries tend to hit the most often, leaving behind two credits when it does fall.

Diamond Mine Deluxe does not offer a scatter icon, therefore there no extra bonus rounds. No auto play function is here as well, so all bets will have to placed by you the gamer. Single, double and triple credit buttons are provided to help you place your bets. Single credit wagers can be played by pulling the crank on the side as well. You only need a nickel to get to the virtual diamond mines in the form of spinning the reels. The maximum bet for every spin stands at 100 dollars.