Crazy Vegas Slot Machine

We all know the adage of what ever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and that concept is the impetus behind “Crazy Vegas,” a slot developed by Real Time Gaming.

About Crazy Vegas Slots

“Crazy Vegas” is a rocking, 5 reel video slot, with 20 unpredictable pay lines. The theme of the game is dedicated to all the glitz and glamor of a Las Vegas casino. The reels glitter and are highly animated. There are even palm trees at the top of the screen to round out the experience. The symbols in the game include cash, coins, the Crazy Vegas symbol, a beautiful showgirl, dice, a roulette table, a joker, Elvis himself, poker chips and a high roller.

What's unique about “Crazy Vegas” is that the Crazy Vegas symbol serves as both the wild and the scatter symbol. Landing it will replace other symbols and increase winning combinations. Another unique aspect to this game is that there are no winning multipliers in normal game play. If things get really crazy and you land three Crazy Vegas symbols on the pay line, then combinations become automatic wins.

In other slot games, landing three scatter symbols will commence either the bonus round or free spins round, but that is not the case in “Crazy Vegas” slots. To get to the free spins round, players will need to land the playing chips symbol on reels 2, 3 and four, where the number of free spins will be determined as well as the amounts of winning combinations. Also in free spins mode, if players wager all the pay lines, then you have a chance of winning the standard jackpot of $200,000 times 2, which amounts to $400,000.

An additional bonus round in “Crazy Vegas” slots includes the big bonus game, which starts when you land the big bonus symbols on the first and fifth reel. In this high stakes round, the amount of cash won is determined on where the two spinning arrows stop. “Crazy Vegas” features a 40,000 coin jackpot in regular play. This can be won if you land five Crazy Vegas symbols on a pay line. If you wager all 20 pay lines at a maximum of $5, then you stand to win up to $200,000. How crazy is that? There is also a progressive jackpot that can be won after any spin. There is a jackpot monitor that is ever increasing to remind you of the stakes. There is also a menu button to adjust game settings, as well as a help button to go over game rules and winning combinations. All it takes is a mere penny to get in all the crazy, but rewarding action of “Crazy Vegas” Slots.