Bank on it Slots

I guess you could say that the theme of Bank On It Slots is a piggy bank. The history of storing money in an object goes back in time. It goes back to the Middle Ages. Metal cost a lot of money in those days. People put their spare coins in a pot made out of orange clay. This was called a pygg pot in reference to the clay. Words change over the years. Pygg eventually evolved into pig. This probably explains piggy banks and why people put coins or money in this thing.

The casino maker RTG has come up with a slot machine based on this topic. It is titled Bank On It. The features are very user friendly.

The game Bank On It is basic. However, it does offer a compelling jackpot. The good news is this game doesn't cater to high rollers so You won't have to break your piggy bank to have some fun playing Bank On It Slots.